The DuBois Church of Christ is a family of Christians striving to be faithful to God.  We believe:

  • The Bible, though written by men, was inspired by God and is our final authority in matters of faith and practice.
  • Salvation in Christ is available to all who believe the Good News about Jesus Christ and are willing to turn from serving self to serving, trusting and obeying God. This salvation comes to us from God as a spiritual new birth as we are baptized, providing us not only forgiveness of past sins but a new person within and bringing us into fellowship with God.  The Christian is, therefore, capable of maturing into a loving, faith-filled, obedient relationship with God, the very life to which God calls us.
  • Life in Christ is lived out in His church.  It includes regular worship and fellowship in the assembly of Christians, prayer, and Bible study—all with the aim of knowing Christ better and loving Him more.
  • The Christian life is joyful in spite of any hardships because it is a privilege and a joy to serve our Savior, Jesus.
  • God watches over and blesses His faithful children although His blessings, at times, might come in ways and in the form of trials we would not choose.
  • A home in heaven awaits every faithful Christian.  This expectation affects all aspects of our lives here as we prepare for and rejoice in this hope.

It is our mission to serve each other and our community in such a way that others are brought to the Faith, changing them into committed followers of Christ.